There are certain steps all homeowners should take when preparing to sell their house, but waterfront properties entail a bit more consideration and preparation before listing them on the market. Because you have one, you already know there’s something special about owning a house on the water. You also know, then, that you’re targeting a specific market of buyers who know what they want in a waterfront property. When you’re ready to relocate, here are some tips for selling your waterfront property.

Real Estate Agent Expertise

Not just any real estate agent will do. When you’re selling a waterfront home, you need to work with an agent who knows how to market and sell waterfront properties. First, consider the agent who helped you purchase the house. If you had a good relationship with that agent, contact that same agent when you’re ready to sell. However, if you didn’t love the service or that agent is no longer available, research and interview agents until you find the one you know you can trust to sell your home.

Seasonal Sales

Most people searching for waterfront properties aren’t just searching for the right house, but the right lifestyle. They’re imagining themselves splashing in the water, boating, fishing, walking along the shorelines, and enjoying the surroundings. It doesn’t make sense, then, to show the house in winter if you have other options. If you can afford to wait, try listing the home in spring. Mother Nature looks her best when life is in full bloom with the promise of summer fun.  If not in spring, then perhaps autumn when the foliage adds colorful reflections to the water’s rippling surface creating a picturesque view.

The Price is Right

You’ll have far more success in selling your waterfront property if you price it competitively from the beginning. Real estate agents usually supply sellers with a comprehensive market analysis that details recent sales of similar properties in your area. However, waterfront properties have more complex circumstances, so pricing your house not only involves the location, but also waterfront size, frontage, amenities, and other features that aren’t standard for houses surrounded by dry land.

Detach from sentiment and investment. Your waterfront home may have been the platform for countless memories of priceless value, but you cannot charge for your memories. Furthermore, the real estate market shifts and sways with market trends, so your home may be worth more – or less – than it was when you bought it.

Talk with your real estate agent, review the comprehensive market analysis, and consider all of your options when pricing your waterfront property.


Staging is a term used to describe the efforts to present the house for sale. Presenting the house means it should be free from clutter, thoroughly cleaned, depersonalized, and arranged in such a way that potential buyers find it inviting enough that they can envision themselves living there. Staging also includes curb appeal, which is responsible for creating the all-powerful first impression. However, when you’re selling waterfront properties, your staging efforts go above and beyond the norm.

Curb appeal stretches beyond the front yard and extends all the way to the edge of the water. Make sure your shores are free of dirt and debris, and that the outside of your property looks as good as the inside.

On the inside, windows are crucial. Sell those views! Make sure window coverings are properly installed from the ceiling all the way to the floor. Open the curtains, draw back the blinds, and clean those windows.

Helpful Hints

It may be a good idea for you to put together a copy of any warrantees you have on the house, and to provide a C.L.U.E. report that indicates that there have been no insurance claims made on the property.

Consider assembling a list of local services and amenities such as boat maintenance, fishing supplies, and even local restaurants and shops. Remember, you’re selling the lifestyle, not just the house.

When it’s time to say goodbye to your waterfront property, think of all the reasons you made that purchase. Remember what it was like to search for the house of your dreams, and then dress your house for success from the outside in.

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