You’ve made the investment in a luxury home, and now you’re ready to sell. But as you know from your experience in buying your luxury property, that process is far from average, too. When you decide it’s time to list your luxury house for sale, here are some things to consider.

Your Agent Should be an Expert in Luxury Homes

You cannot trust your investment to anyone who lacks the experience of selling high-end properties. Luxury real estate has a language of its own, a code of conduct, and the utmost respect for privacy.

If you were highly satisfied with the agent who helped you find your luxury property, reach out to that agent first. However, if that agent is no longer available in your area, consider speaking with your colleagues, associates, and neighbors to discover whom they’d recommend. Even with recommendations, research the agent’s background. Verify their success in selling luxury real estate.

Price the Property Correctly

People shopping for luxury real estate are smart, savvy buyers who know they have options. These seekers of luxury are not looking for bargains, but won’t be willing to over-extend their desired budget if your house is over-priced.

The professional real estate agent you hire will guide you in determining a competitive price for your home by providing you with a comprehensive market analysis so you can review real estate trends in your area. Your CMA will show you facts and figures about recently sold homes that are similar to yours in size, style, and features.

The Marketing Strategy

Discuss in depth with your real estate agent what the marketing strategy entails for selling your luxury property. You may prefer private viewings, or you may be open to displaying your home online with high-quality photographs, videos, and virtual tours. Understand whether or not your agent will be employing the use of print marketing materials, social media, or MLS listings to market your property.

Understand your buyer persona, and then talk with your agent about how you can tailor a marketing strategy that reaches the right audience.

Consider Timing

Timing may be a significant factor in the success of selling your luxury real estate.

If yours is a waterfront property, you may find that you get better results by showcasing your home during or around the season that highlights the fun in the sun. Here in Florida that usually means early winter and spring.

If your home sparkles like a winter wonderland, then show the house when its features stand out to buyers seeking a particular lifestyle.


You’re not just showing your home – you’re showing your home to discerning high-end buyers with a taste for luxury. It’s crucial that you show your home in its best condition. If your own furniture is well loved and you have filled the home with wonderful momentos, it might be in your best interest to consider having your property staged. Professional stagers come in with a critical eye and see all the things we don’t see anymore as homeowners. They can help you to declutter, and to showcase your home’s quality features. The next thing to do is a big spring cleaning. A property that is sparkling clean will make a much better impression on portential buyers. It’s important your property makes a strong first impression.

Have a chat with your Agent and ask them if they can give you a list of professional staging companies who have experience in working with luxury real estate.

Include a Home Warranty

Even buyers with seemingly unlimited budgets have concerns about the quality of the property they purchase. You may have done a remarkable job of maintaining your home, but there may be unforeseen problems. You can assure your buyers they’re making a secure investment by protecting that investment with a home warranty.


Selling luxury real estate is a lengthy process. From financing to closing there are several steps, many of which take longer than with traditional real estate transactions.


Regardless of the reasons you’ve decided to sell your luxury property, you want to experience a transaction with minimal stress and maximum gain. Work with a qualified real estate specialist who has expertise in the sale of luxury properties. Talk with your agent about how to price and market your home effectively. Arrange for proper staging so that all of your home’s best features draw the attention they deserve. List the property during the season that sells the lifestyle along with the structure. Consider including a home warranty to ensure the buyers that their investment is protected. Above all, be patient with the process.

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