What you don’t know can cost you time and money when it comes to selling your house. The best source of information is your real estate agent, and we’ve put together a growing list of helpful resources about the home selling process. When you’re ready, call Jon Bastian at 772-291-8851 or Nancy Bastian at 954.816.2061 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

How much is my home worth?

Tips for Selling Your Waterfront Home

There are certain steps all homeowners should take when preparing to sell their house, but waterfront properties entail a bit more consideration and preparation before listing them on the market. Because you have one, you already know there’s something special about owning a house on the water. You also know, then, that you’re targeting a … Continued

How to Sell Your Luxury Property

You’ve made the investment in a luxury home, and now you’re ready to sell. But as you know from your experience in buying your luxury property, that process is far from average, too. When you decide it’s time to list your luxury house for sale, here are some things to consider. Your Agent Should be … Continued

Staging Tips for Selling Your House

If you are planning to sell your home shortly, it’s time to consider staging. When someone comes to your home, they should be able to imagine what their belongings will look in the house. Proper staging can make small spaces appear bigger and make the home feel warm and inviting. This guide provides you with … Continued

6 Steps to Selling a House

Selling your house can be a stressful, pain-staking endeavor, especially if you don’t understand how to prepare for the processes along the way. The goal is to sell your property in a timely fashion for the most value and least amount of complications. To accomplish those goals, here are six steps to selling your house: … Continued

Setting the Right Asking Price for Your House

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, there are some steps you can take to ensure, not only that the selling process will go swiftly and smoothly, but that you’ll get the best possible price for your house. Asking Price vs. Selling Price Understanding the difference between the listing price of your … Continued