Are You Worried About Access to Good Medical Care In Florida?

It’s no secret that Florida, over all, does not have the best record for health care. But that is changing. Just recently several of our local hospitals and HMO Organizations have merged with more well ranked health care providers who have excellent reputations in other parts of our country. One of them is The Cleveland Clinic.

Cleveland Clinic is ranked as one of the top five best hospitals in the Nation, and its heart program has consistently been in the number 1 slot since the mid 1990’s They are also ranked well for specialties such as gastroenterology, kidney diorders and arthritis disorders.

What has all of this got to do with Health Care in Florida? The Cleveland Clinic operation has recently been chosen as the front runner to take over Vero Beachs Indian River Medical Center. from TCPalm:

…. The  CEO of the Indian River Community Foundation, was one of two people to express their opinions at a joint gathering of Indian River County Hospital District trustees and Indian River Medical Center directors. The boards met to discuss partnering with a hospital company to take over IRMC.

“The choice is crystal clear to me,” Pickering said, citing the benefits of three nonprofit finalists. These included the one they selected, Cleveland Clinic.

Founded in 1921, the Cleveland Clinic “has long been one of the most prestigious medical centers in the United States,” according to Harvard Business Review, which in 2013 wrote about how the worldwide nonprofit instituted a major culture change to improve patient satisfaction.

Cleveland Clinic’s international reputation for high-quality health care and its second-place ranking by U.S. News & World Report was persuasive.”

Cleveland Clinic has a Hospital in Broward County, City of Weston, and they also have   Cleveland Clinic Florida – West Palm Beach Cardiology    bringing their reputation for exclllence with them to our florida residents.

The outlook for good medical care in Florida is looking up considerably over the next few years and we hope to become one of those tates who are ranked in the top 20% for medical care someday soon.

So put your fears aside, and come on down to see us.


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