Whether you’re a novice fisherman, a hobbyist, or an experienced pro, Vero Beach fishing is fishing at its best. Whether you charter a boat, enjoy kayak fishing, surf fishing, or pier fishing, there are more than 3,000 fishing spots and more than 300 species of fish in the Indian River Lagoon.

Although there are hundreds of species of fish, and more than 10 species can be caught in a single day, there are certain prized fish sought after when fishing.

The Atlantic Tarpon or “Silver King” can be up to 8 ft. long and up to 350 pounds, feeding on various fish and crabs.

The Snook eats smaller fish, shrimp, and crabs.

The Spotted Sea Trout ranges from 19-25 inches and weighs an average of 2-3 pounds.

The Red Drum is known by many names including Channel Bass, Redfish, Puppy Drum, or Red. On average, the Red Drum weighs in at 6-8 pounds.

Fishing charters are a simple way to go, with many providing the fishing license, tackle, water, and ice. It is, however, recommended that you bring your own provisions as well. Personal items to bring include polarized sunglasses, sun screen, food and drink, and a cap or hat.

Fishing licenses may be exempt for certain persons, including residents fishing from land or pier, residents 65 years of age or older, children under sixteen, or residents who are military and stationed out of state but who are in Florida on leave for 30 days or less with orders.

Freshwater fishing licenses for Florida residents are $13.50 per year, and for non-residents at $31.50 per year. Non residents can also obtain a seven day license for $16.50.

Saltwater fishing licenses for local residents are $10 for ten days, $12 for one year, or $60 for five years. Non residents can obtain a 3 day license for $5, a seven day license at $15, or a one year fishing license for $30. Prices and terms subject to change.

Florida does enforce certain fishing regulations, such as saltwater fishing regulations  and fresh water fishing regulations, so before you dive in for that fishing fun, make sure you’re aware of what you can and cannot do in Florida’s waters.

Tides also influence the ebb and flow of fishing, so referencing a tide chart would be a wise practice.

While charter fishing is popular with dozens of options and proud captains, and land or pier surfing is relaxing, kayak fishing is an exhilarating way to get up-close-and-personal with fish in their natural habitat. With the experience of tour guides and well-crafted kayaks, fishing in Vero Beach can be taken to a whole new level of fun.

Surf fishing is a popular activity in Vero Beach, with several locations:

Humiston Park at Ocean Drive and Easter Lily Lane

Jaycee Park at 4200 Ocean Drive

Riomar Beach Access at Ocean Drive and Riomar Drive

Sexton Plaza at Beachland Boulevard and Ocean Drive

South Beach Park at East Causeway Blvd. and Ocean Drive

Tracking Station Beach Park at 800 46th Place

Treasure Shores Beach Park at 11300 Highway A1A

Catching fish can be a fun pastime, but one that should be handled responsibly. In addition to licenses, regulations, and tides, knowing how to handle the fish you catch is also important.

Florida offers a wide variety of water activities, among which fishing is an absolute favorite for locals and vacationers. Whether you choose a chartered experience, kayaking adventures, or surf fishing, you’re sure to catch a plethora of fish varieties and photo ops to share with your fishing friends.

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